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I’m Iman


Nutrition Consultant, Natural Health Leader + Practitioner in Herbal Medicine



I’m Iman and as a practicing Nutrition Consultant, Natural Health Leader, and Practitioner in Herbal Medicine, I thrive on creating the ideal health plan to meet your wellness goals. While living in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia I received my Diploma in Preventative Health & Nutrition, Executive Master's in Preventive Health and Nutrition, and became a certified Health Coach as well as a certified Personal Trainer. Living abroad helped give me a broad outlook on the role wellbeing has on our lives.

My philosophy embraces the sacred traditions of wellness, revolving around living well, being well, and eating well. I truly believe the key to success is being mindful of one's wellbeing. My aim is to help folks navigate between foods that heal and foods that harm. I love teaching others the fun and ease in being able to understand how each individual body works. I’ve developed a wellness program that promotes insightful health and sustainable actions to achieve your best self.

Join me in reviving the art of wellbeing!

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our mission

At Afiya Live Well, our mission is to help treat the root cause of your wellness issues through traditional, holistic, and sustainable practices. Together we work to revive the art of wellbeing!